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We create sponsorship opportunities for professional athletes from all around the world.

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What our athletes⠀ get?

A sales team of sports experts and digital veterans opening new sponsorship opportunities every day

A mobile application to facilitate:

Managing deal

Communication with brands and agents

Secure contracts & automated payment

At servsport we believe in sharing success.

The following revenue model applies to every successful collaboration:

80% Athlete
10% Agent
10% Servsport
Non - exclusive and no upfront fees


At Servsport we’re on a mission to open up new market opportunities for professional athletes. Our technology platform enables athletes, management and brands to engage in and manage short and long-term social media collaborations.

Decide who you want to promote, when you want to promote them and how often you want to promote them - with the Servsport Elite Sponsorship Program!

Join us today and get your first sponsor within minutes.

Three easy steps to get started:
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How can I involve
my agent?⠀

At Servsport we believe you should focus on your sport and therefore include your agent to facilitate the business transaction every step of the way.

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About US

Our team combines 40 years of experience in the professional sports industry, performance marketing expertise and a tech driven product strategy

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